Hello, we’re POD Point!

Here at POD Point we like to think we are anything but conventional. We have worked hard to create a rapidly growing, constantly innovating, flat structured world, where each employee can see the vital contribution they are making to the company. We knew from the very beginning that a very structured, corporate environment was never going to work for us, and we have stayed true to our word; we are anything but.

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Our best POD Pointers are...

Passionate Creative:

You love creating things; products, processes, teams, and solutions. You have to be passionate about your subject and electric vehicles. Passion isn’t just about work – you’ve got to love what you do so much, you’re doing it all the time, in work, and out.

Commercially minded:

Everyone at POD Point needs to have a commercial outlook – how does what I’m doing affect the customer? How about the company financially? How do I communicate it across the business, and make sure everyone is on-board?


You’ll need to be interested in what’s going on – How does that work? Why do we do it like that? Is there a better way to do this? How would Google do it? How would Apple do it? If you don’t know the answer to something you won’t stop until you find out.

Inspiring Leaders:

You’ve got to be able to get people on board with your ideas, and make them happen. People want to follow you. Of course, you won’t always be leading, sometimes you need to just get on board with someone else’s project, and make it awesome.

The hub of all that we do is our office by the Old Street Roundabout in London. It is a hive of activity, and we’re all in here together - Sales, Support, Software, Operations, Finance, everyone you need to get the job done in with you. And of course, being POD Pointy, our office matches...

Shed on wheels? Check. Massive open plan kitchen? Check Beer fridge and Sonos setup for Friday evenings? Check Fully stocked fruit trolley? Check Indoor garden? Check Library? Check

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career-meet-the-team career-meet-the-team

Meet some of the team

career-1 career-1

Iain Hyndman - National Account Executive

Harbage Harbage

Charlie Harbage - Head Product Owner

career-3 career-3

Aaron Nelson - Home Charge

career-9 career-9

Jarred Rayns - Head of Destination Sales

Career-4 Career-4

Malin Volder - Head of Home Charge (Norway)

career-7 career-7

Helen De Leo - Customer Ops Manager

career-10 career-10

Jonathan Horsfield - Head of OEM Sales

career-12 career-12

Oliver Murphy - Consumer Marketing Manager

career-11 career-11

James Mckemey - Head of Customer Operations

career-2 career-2

Natalia Silverstone - National Account Manager

career-5 career-5

Alex Balfe - Talent Acquisition Manager

career-6 career-6

Katrina Sherwani - Operations Project Manager

career-perks-big-content career-perks-big-content

The POD Point Perks

career-flexible career-flexible

Flexible working

career-open career-open

Open plan working

career-fun career-fun

Fun & creative environment

career-read career-read

Get paid to learn

career-acedemy career-acedemy

POD Point Academy

career-bike career-bike

Bike to work scheme

career-snack career-snack

Unlimited snacks

career-gym career-gym

Discounted gym membership

career-beer career-beer

Beer fridge

career-meet-the-team career-meet-the-team

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