POD Point MIS Header - Outlander and BMW i3 charging on Twin Unit

POD Point MIS: Downloading Data

Posted February 11, 2016 by Daniel

How to download reporting data from the POD Point MIS. The MIS is the industry's leading platform for managing your charging network.

The POD Point MIS is the industry's most advanced platform for managing and tracking your business' electric car charging infrastructure.

Look out for the download icon (which looks like an downward-facing arrow) on the top right of every data table in the MIS. Clicking the button will download the data from the last 30 days of the table you're viewing at the time. The data will download in CSV spreadsheet format.

How to download data from the POD Point MIS:

  • When logged in, find the data table you're interested in downloading (whether your 'Sites' tab or 'Individual Access' tab for example).
  • Click the button in the top right shaped like an downward-facing arrow (refer to image below).
  • This will download the data you're viewing in CSV format.