Motability Grant for Electric Cars

The Motability Scheme allows disabled people to lease a new car using the allowance granted to them by the UK government, and now covers electric vehicles.

An EV could be the ideal car for your Motability Scheme needs, saving you money and coming with the option of a free home charging point.

The Nissan LEAF motability grant offers a free home charging point (worth £890) with the car.

Motability Grant for electric car Motability Grant for electric car

Why choose an electric car?

  • Electric cars are environmentally friendly with zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Superior performance and faster off the mark.
  • Less stressful driving experience with zero engine noise.
  • Costs as little as 2p per mile to run.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

Cost of Charging an Electric Car Cost of Charging an Electric Car

2p per mile to charge (based on nightly rate).

Motability Grant Petrol Motability Grant Petrol

Petrol cars cost 15p per mile to run.

Motability Grant Savings Motability Grant Savings

Almost £1,000 saving a year in petrol costs.

motability grant - nissan leaf motability grant - nissan leaf

What are my Motability Grant options?

  • The Nissan LEAF continues to be one of the most popular electric cars with a range of 100 miles.
  • Nissan is offering a free home charging point to every Motability Scheme customer who chooses the LEAF, worth £890.
motability grant - charging point motability grant - charging point

How do I claim a free Motability Grant charging point when I choose a Nissan LEAF?

  • Contact your local Nissan dealer to find out more and discuss your needs.
  • Once you have chosen your LEAF, visit the home charging point page and complete your order in minutes.
  • POD Point will be in touch next day to arrange your Motability charging point install.
Motability Grant Home Charging Motability Grant Home Charging

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