Pod Point EV Exclusive Tariff

Pod Point EV Exclusive Tariff

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The benefit of this tariff will depend on when your household energy usage occurs, when and where you charge your car, changes to wholesale energy prices and any future energy price cap changes. This tariff is fixed for 1 year, meaning exit fees may apply should you wish to cancel within that period.

The features of this tariff, its availability and any prices or costs displayed were correct at the time of writing according to information provided by EDF but may change in future. Before switching, you should consider the suitability of EDF’s Pod Point EV Exclusive Tariff for your charging and household needs using the information and support provided by EDF. Pod Point does not take responsibility for your choice of electricity provider.


Drive for less than 2.5p per mile based on average consumption of 3.5 miles per kWh.

For more information in relation to the way in which EDF supplies zero carbon electricity, please visit edfenergy.com/zero-carbon

Customers must have a smart meter required to access this tariff. For full eligibility criteria please visit edfenergy.com/eligibility