Smart Home Charging

The intelligent way to charge your EV.
Fully installed from £449.

We are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands

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With Smart Home Charging you get...

Our Solo Smart Charger pairs with the Pod Point App and automatically power balances with your home

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Electric Car Charging

3.6, 7 or 22kW electric car charger with a 3-year warranty.

Charge your EV up to 10 x faster than a 3-pin plug.

Home Energy Monitoring

Charge activity monitoring with the Pod Point App.

Understand and optimise your EV energy usage.

Auto Power Balancing

Auto Power Balancing to safely manage electrical load.

Charge your vehicle in harmony with your home.

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One app for everything.

Oversee your home and public charging with us in one place.

Ota Updates

Over-the-air software updates via Wi-Fi.

Unlock new features for your Solo Smart Charger

Standard Install

Standard installation of your chargepoint is included (90% of customers qualify).
Read full terms & conditions

4.7/5 star rating, from over 10,000 reviews on:

Solo Smart Charger

From £449

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Pod Point App

iOS & Android OS

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Pod Point Network

3000+ charging bays

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Are you eligible for the OLEV EVHS grant?

The OLEV grant allows you to reduce the cost of your homecharger by £350. If you qualify for the grant, Pod Point will take care of the claim on your behalf. Click here for more information.

Eligibilty Checklist:

  • You have dedicated off-street parking.
  • Your plug-in vehicle was purchased after 1st October 2016.
  • You have not already claimed the grant for your electric car.
  • By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OLEV funded charging points per household.

90% of our customers are eligible for standard installation.

What does this include?

Standard charger installation terms & conditions

If you don't meet the criteria we can usually still carry out the home installation but an additional cost may be incurred.

Once your order is placed, we'll be in touch to better understand your requirements and produce a no-obligation quote for the additional works. If you decide not to proceed, a full refund will be provided.

Ready to start Smart Home Charging?

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4.7/5 star rating from 17170 reviews. Check them out at

Perfect service, neatly installed, friendly and helpful.

Aleisha Holmes

9 minutes ago on

I wish this field wasn't mandatory.


28 minutes ago on

Despite having some serious issues with accurate and effective communication leading up to today’s install - the two guys that cane today and did a fabulous and very professional job

Andy Paterson

32 minutes ago on

Installation of your Solo Smart Charger

Your home installation is included with your Solo Smart Charger if it meets our standard install criteria.

Our team of Pod Point Experts go the extra mile to provide an excellent experience.

Installation Installer

Your Pod Point Expert

Pod Point Experts are City & Guilds accredited electricians with thousands of hours of experience installing electric vehicle chargepoints.

Installation time


Your Pod Point Expert will confirm their arrival time with you in advance of the installation.

Installation Pre Installation


Your Expert will find the best position for your charger based on your power supply and how you park your car.

Installation Installation


Standard installation package

Your install is included in the price of the home charger if it meets our standard install criteria. If it doesn't, we'll provide a no-obligation quote or a full refund if you're not happy to proceed.

Next, the charger is fixed to the wall, a cable is run from the unit to the mains power supply, and it will be activated for use.

Your expert will then connect the charger to Wi-Fi and pair it with the Pod Point App.

Installation Demonstration


Your Expert will give you a full demonstration of your charger, what the different lights mean and how to get in touch if you have any questions.

Finally, you will be shown how to find & use public chargepoints in your area.

Top 5 FAQs

How do I claim the OLEV grant? Can I claim it if I purchase a second hand EV or use a company car?

To claim £350 off the cost of your new home charging point, simply order it with us, provide us with your documentation and our team will do the rest!

If you become a registered keeper of a second-hand electric car, you are eligible to claim. If you are assigned a company car for at least 6 months, you are also eligible to claim.

What information or data is collected by my Solo Smart Charger and stored by Pod Point?

Your household energy usage data is used for hardware & technical support only.

If you choose to pair the Solo Smart Charger with the Pod Point App (using your PSL code) this data is then displayed to the logged-in Pod Point-account holder via their smart device using the Pod Point App.

Who at Pod Point has access to this data?

Our Network Assurance team uses this data for support and diagnostic purposes.

Our Data Team assesses and manages this data for analysis.

Our Software Team maintains the software which stores this data.

Can I connect my Solo Smart Charger to a 3-pin plug socket?

It cannot be connected to a 3-pin plug socket; the Solo Smart Charger needs to be connected to a meter or consumer unit (fuse box) to ensure that it’s properly protected.

What happens if my installation is non-standard?

Non-standard charger installations may incur an additional cost. Once your order is placed, we'll be in touch to better understand your requirements and produce a no-obligation quote for the additional works. If you decide not to proceed, a full refund will be provided.