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Connect to the Pod Point ecosystem.
For home, public and workplace charging.

Smart Home Charging

Manage your home charging activity

Schedule charging, see energy usage and track costs.

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Charge on the Pod Point Network

Access over 7,300 charging bays* across the UK.

Workplace Charging

Access workplace & fleet charging

Find and use your company's chargers.

The Pod Point Ecosystem

One app for all the places you need to charge.

Charge when its cheapest at home.

Schedule charging, view charging activity and keep track of costs and energy usage from your smartphone**.

  • Take advantage of dual-rate electricity tariffs which can help you significantly reduce the cost of charging you EV**.
  • When you first pair your charger to the app an overnight default schedule will be automatically applied on weekdays.
  • Adjust your schedule to charge your EV during off-peak hours and save up to 83% on electricity costs***.
  • View your charge history, cost and kWh consumed alongside your public and workplace charging.

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*As of 30th June 2022.

**Applies to a Solo 3 which must be linked with your Pod Point account in-app. You'll also require a mobile data connection to use the Pod Point App.

**Figure is based on Pod Point cost estimates for charging on an average electricity tariff (28p/kWh) vs EDF’s GoElectric Exclusive 35 tariff during off-peak hours (4.5p/kWh).

Find a place to charge on the go.

Charge fast and rapid at over 7,300+* charging bays nationwide on the Pod Point Network.

  • Built for your smartphone, download our App for free, with no membership fees or subscriptions to access our Network.
  • Some of our network is free to use, and for the rest - simply top-up and pay as you charge in-app.
  • Get the latest chargepoint availability and view public charging tariff information.
  • Get directions from Google Maps to the nearest chargepoint.
  • Save your favourite chargepoints, filter by speed and gain access to our EV Zones.

See your workplace charging points.

If your employer has them, use the Pod Point App to access your workplace chargers.

  • Once configured, see a clear split between home, public and workplace charging costs in-app.
  • Generate itemised charging activity reports designed for easier expense reporting.
  • Check your workplace chargepoint real-time availability before you need to charge.

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Connect to the Pod Point ecosystem.

Download the Pod Point App for your smartphone now.


Is the Pod Point Network free to use with the Pod Point App?

Some of the Pod Point Network is free to access and charge. For Pod Point points that do charge for usage, you can pay-as-you-go by topping up via the Pod Point App. Top up your funds available in our App using your debit or credit, download the Pod Point App for more details.

How is my Solo 3 linked with the Pod Point App?

When your home charger is installed, your Pod Point Expert will link your charger to the app via your home Wi-Fi connection. As a second step, find your Solo 3’s PSL number (located on the sticker on the bottom of the charger) and enter this into the Pod Point App to connect.

Note: If you did not purchase your Solo 3 via Pod Point.com - you'll have to contact our customer service team in order to link your Solo 3 with the Pod Point App.

How do I see my charge history in the Pod Point App?

Once your Solo 3 is linked and you have completed a charging session - ensure your mobile device has Wi-Fi or a data connection and open the Pod Point App. Tap the “stats” icon at the bottom of the screen in-app to see your charge history.

Please be aware the Pod Point App will only start recording charge history once it has been linked with your Solo 3.

Is my mobile device compatible with the Pod Point App?

The Pod Point App is compatible with Android smartphones running Android OS 5.0 API 21 (Lollipop, released 2014) and above. For Apple smartphones, compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 (released 2015) and above.

The Pod Point App is not currently compatible for tablet devices.

What is a Charge Activity Report?

A Charge Activity Report is a report of your charging history with Pod Point. The report itself will typically display the date, location, kWh consumed and the cost of each charging session. This can then be emailed as CSV file and even converted to an excel document if you would like to.

Get a detailed guide on the Pod Point App