Pod Point App

Pod Point App

Connect to the Pod Point ecosystem.
For home, workplace and public charging.

Smart Home Charging

Manage your home charging activity

Schedule charging, see energy usage and track costs.

Workplace Charging

Access workplace & fleet charging

Find and use your company's chargers.

Public Charging Jul23

Charge on the Pod Point Network

Access thousands of charging bays across the UK.

With the Pod Point App you get...

Our chargers pair with the Pod Point App to offer convenience and ease for your home charging needs.

Artboard 1Smart Home Solo 3
Solar Solo 3 S

Future-proof your home with our solar-compatible charger.

Choose from Solar, or Solar & Grid modes to help enable zero cost charging.

Circle Data

Charge activity monitoring with the Pod Point App.

Understand and optimise your EV energy usage.

Solo 3 Circle Icon 294

Use Charge Modes to attune your charging to your desire.

Use both Smart and Manual mode to charge when and how you need.

Circle Charge Scheduling

Schedule a charge when it's cheapest.

Save by charging your EV during off-peak hours.

Circle Wifi

Over-the-air software updates via Wi-Fi with no subscription required.

Unlock new features for your Solo charger.

Standard Install

Standard installation of your chargepoint is included (90% of customers qualify).
Read full terms & conditions

Solo 3 S Charging App Functionality

Check your live charge status and charging mode.

Use the charger status feature to see updates on your charger and switch between charging modes.

  • View the current status of your Solo charger in the At Home tab on the Pod Point App.
  • See status updates of your charger on the Pod Point App in real-time.
  • Instantly switch between Smart and Manual charging modes depending on your charging requirements.

Learn more about the charger status and charging modes in the App User Guides.

Charge when its cheapest at home.

Schedule charging, view charging activity, and keep track of costs and energy usage from your smartphone.**

  • When you first pair your charger to the app, an overnight default schedule will automatically be applied across the week.*
  • View your charge history, cost, and kWh consumed alongside your public and workplace charging.

Get a detailed guide on the Pod Point App

*As of 30th June 2023.

**Charger must be linked with your Pod Point account in-app. You'll also require a mobile data connection to use the Pod Point App.

CO2 app circle

Further reduce your carbon footprint

Make informed decisions on when to charge, by using a forecast of your local carbon intensity, provided by National Grid.

  • View a 48hr forecast of the National Grid's carbon intensity profile in your region.

  • Think of it like a weather forecast, but for the magnitude of carbon emitted to meet the demand on the grid.

  • By charging during periods of lower carbon intensity, you’ll be able to further reduce your carbon footprint.

See here for more information on how the National Grid calculates carbon intensity.

Find a place to charge on the go.

Charge fast and rapid at thousands of charging bays nationwide on the Pod Point Network.

  • Built for your smartphone, download our App for free, with no membership fees or subscriptions to access our Network.
  • Some of our network is free to use, and for the rest - simply top-up and pay as you charge in-app.
  • Get the latest chargepoint availability and view public charging tariff information.
  • Get directions from Google Maps to the nearest chargepoint.
  • Save your favourite chargepoints, filter by speed and gain access to our EV Zones.

Solar made simple

Harness the full benefits of zero-cost and zero-carbon charging with our easy-to-use solar integration.

Not got solar panels yet? No problem, the Solo 3S will automatically work with future solar panel installations.

Please see our guide on how solar panels can charge electric cars for more information.

Connect to the Pod Point ecosystem.

Start your smart charging journey now.


Is my mobile device compatible with the Pod Point App?

The Pod Point App is compatible with Android smartphones running Android OS 7.0 and above (released 2016). For Apple smartphones, the Pod Point App is compatible with iPhones running iOS 13 (released 2019) and above.

The Pod Point App is not currently compatible with tablet devices, or any iOS devices that are incompatible with iOS 13 and above.

Can I charge an EV without an app?

The Pod Point App ensures you can make the most of your Solo home charger, such as Charge Scheduling and Solar and Grid modes.

However, if you simply wish to plug in and charge, you don't need to link your charger to the Pod Point App. Instead, it will charge whenever you plug in.

How do I see my charge history in the Pod Point App?

Tap the “stats” icon at the bottom of the screen in the Pod Point App to see your charge history.

Please be aware the Pod Point App will only start recording charge history once it has been linked with your Solo charger.

How is my Solo charger linked with the Pod Point App?

Once your charger has been installed, simply head to the Pod Point App. From the "At Home" tab, you’ll be able to connect your charger and follow the instructions to set up Wi-Fi.

Note: If you are struggling to locate your connection sticker, please visit the App User Guides or contact Pod Point customer support on 020 7247 4114.

Can I withdraw my balance from the Pod Point App?

Yes, you can withdraw your remaining balance from the Pod Point App by getting in touch with the Pod Point customer support team.

You can contact us either through our Help Centre or on 020 7247 4114.