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Audi e-tron | Review

Posted by Roseanne: Feb 04, 2021 3 min read

As Audi's only official home charge provider, we had the privilege to try out the new Audi e-tron. Take a look at a review from our Head of Insights, James McKemey.

The Audi e-tron marks the first series production full battery electric vehicle (BEV) release from Audi. But this is more than just a statement of intent, the e-tron arrives as one of the leading BEVs in its own right.

A big, handsome beast, the e-tron’s appearance is consistent with contemporary Audi styling. With angular features and an almost aggressive stance, it somehow manages to remain elegant and refined at the same time. This car will impress your teenage son’s mates, without signalling that you’re regressing to adolescence.

The e-tron is targeting the premium SUV segment it’s arguably the first BEV that has really nailed premium. Definitely the first to give us German-style premium.

As soon as you get in, hear the reassuring quality as the door closes, you are instantly aware you’re sitting somewhere a bit special. The touch screen interface is a joy, the little feedback buzz as you press through the options is a delight, while the menus are easy to navigate - e.g. it took me no time at all to find the regenerative braking settings, named “Recuperation”. Throughout the car there are endless little touches - from the dancing pattern on the light clusters when you lock or unlock, to the sumptuous alcantara seats - that ooze class. The e-tron is very Audi, very Audi indeed.

Range punches through the key, psychological 200 mile barrier on a single charge, while it can take a rapid charge at a whopping 150kW. To give some context, that’s something like a 30ish minute gap in the middle of an 8ish hour drive - ideal for a human. This means it’s equipped to fulfil all your regular driving needs from just a home/work charge and any long trip you might have in mind. This is ready to be your main/only car.

To drive, the e-tron is no slouch. 0-62 in 5.7 seconds is fast to anyone, while petrol SUV drivers will be amazed by the instant acceleration, particularly in “Sport” mode. But, unlike some BEVs, this was not made to outgun everything at the drag strip, it was made to be a comfortable, quality cruiser that just happens to have buckets of effortless performance, should/when you want to show off from the lights. And talking of comfort, the silence of electric drive combined with configurable adaptive air suspension means the ride is smoother than a newborn’s derriere.

I found the adjustable regen paddles very usable and I really enjoyed the composite birds-eye camera view of your car when reversing. This was especially valuable maneuvering from our cramped London office environ, particularly with the unfamiliar left-hand drive configuration. Gladly right-hand drive models are now available to order and we are delighted to be the official home charge partner to Audi customers.

If you like German ultra-quality, like performance without vulgarity and are keen on the myriad advantages of electric motoring (convenience, performance, green cred... and modest taxation), but don’t like compromise - we compel you to try the e-tron A-SAP.

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