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App Feature Update: Charge Activity Report

Posted by Roseanne: Oct 18, 2019 2 min read

We’ve been busy updating our reporting feature in the stats section! Our updated Charge Activity Report makes it easy for you to capture, report-on & get even more granular with your EV charging data.

Take a look at our enhanced 'Stat's section and reporting functionality in the Pod Point app.

Here's what we've improved:

Existing features:

  • Generate a report from the Stats section
  • Receive report by email in .csv format

New features:

  • Select your desired date range for your report in the Stats section
  • Have the option to include total miles and business miles
  • New and improved data columns on the report, including kWh, business charging costs, location type & address

Who does this feature benefit and how?

  1. All app users that are interested in their EV charging data!
  2. Fleet customers or any business drivers that need to send charge sessions & costs to their employer
Pod Point App

How to generate your Charge Activity Report:

Please note:

Total and business mile costs are calculated using a blended rate of all charges based on the selected date range.

In order to calculate home charge costs, app users should enter their day and night energy tariff(s) during sign up, or in the account section of the app. By failing to input the exact tariff(s), Pod Point will use a default rate, which may not accurately reflect your home charging costs.

Public charging costs are calculated based on the electricity tariff set by the owner of the chargepoint. Similarly, workplace costs are calculated based on the electricity tariff set by the company. Where no company tariff is supplied to Pod Point, a standard default rate will be used.

The Charge Activity Report will be emailed to the address connected to your account. This report only includes charges from the Pod Point Network. Charges from other networks will have to be manually added to the report if desired.

The Charge Activity Report costs are intended to be a guideline for customers only. Pod Point should not be held responsible for any discrepancies. Please speak to your tax advisor before using any data from this report in any tax return.

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