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Important update regarding COVID-19

Posted by Roseanne: Mar 25, 2020 3 min read

On Monday 23rd March, the UK government introduced strict new measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) through the restriction of movement and social contact.

⚠️ This update is out-of-date. View the latest update regarding our approach to Homecharge and Commercial installations.

In light of these measures, alongside school closures and the fact that some of our staff are self-isolating, we’ve made the difficult decision to pause a wide range of activities involving physical customer interactions until further notice.

We will, however, be making exceptions in critical cases to make sure people who need to charge to get around during the outbreak are able to (with our team observing new safety measures to minimise risk to themselves and our customers).

It’s also important to state that we are constantly reviewing the situation and may change the measures set out here as we get new information and guidance from the UK government.

What we’re pausing / continuing

Homecharge installations

You can still purchase a homecharger from us, but we have paused all homecharge installation activity except for people who:

a) Are classified as a Key Worker and have a full battery electric car; and/or

b) Are EV only households (ie. don’t have an internal combustion engine, hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle to fall back on).

Unless you fall into the above two categories:

  • If you don’t have an installation date yet, you won’t get one for the time being.
  • If you already have an installation date, your install will not take place.

As soon as the situation has stabilised enough for us to plan ahead, we will be contacting customers with next steps on how to continue their homecharge installation.

Commercial installations

We have paused all commercial installation activity except for:

a) Workplace installations where those chargepoints are used by 'Key Workers'.

b) Workplace installations where those chargepoints are used by drivers who are solely reliant on a full battery electric car for their mobility and do not have a homecharger.

c) Commercial installation of residential charging where those chargepoints are used by 'Key Workers'.

d) Commercial installation of residential charging where those chargepoints will be used by drivers who are solely reliant on a full battery electric car for their mobility.

If you don’t fit into any of the categories above, you can still:

  • Place orders with us and schedule installation once the situation allows.
  • Place supply only orders which we will continue to ship to you.

Maintenance activity

We will continue maintenance activity for:

  • All existing homecharge customers, regardless of whether they fit into the exceptional groups set out above.
  • The public Pod Point Network.
  • Workplace chargepoints which are needed to support 'Key Workers'.

Enhanced safety measures

We have introduced new safety measures to protect our team and customers during the outbreak.

a) All office based staff are working remotely in line with government social distancing advice.

b) Our field team is observing enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures on installation and maintenance visits.

c) We are conducting enhanced pre-arrival checks for the remaining homecharge installs that we’re carrying out to avoid contact between our field team and self-isolating households.

How long these measures will be in effect

We are still committed to our vision of a world where travel doesn’t damage the earth but during these unprecedented times, our priority is to protect the health of our customers, team and wider society.

Once circumstances allow, we will resume normal business activities as quickly as possible but because the situation is still developing, we don’t yet have a clear timeline for when that will be.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by our new operating protocols and hope that you, your friends and families are keeping safe and well.