Welcome To Dog Point!

Posted by Emma: Aug 18, 2017 1 min read

Today is National Dog Day so we wanted to introduce the dogs of Pod Point HQ!

  1. First up we have Markus the Shiba Inu, don't you think he looks quite a lot like a fox? (Yes, you’re right, Markus does hate his raincoat).

  2. Next, we have Maya taking a break from filling in her budget spreadsheets. It’s a dog’s life. #puglife

  3. Another, regular at Pup Point HQ is Skyla a.k.a Sausage! As you can tell by her face she’s definitely the most mischievous of the bunch.

  4. This little heartbreaker is Bella. Although, we don’t see her often, it’s lovely when she comes into the office to see us.

  5. Then, last but not least on our list, we have Gustav! What a handsome chap he is. Where there’s food, you’ll find Gustav.

Pod Point certainly is a fun place to work with all of these paw-fect pals running around! Happy National Dog Day from all of us.

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