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Electric Equity 3.0. We've raised £1,550,000 via Crowdcube

Posted by Leighanne: Mar 02, 2017 1 min read

We have successfully raised £1,550,000 in less than 12 days. If you missed out, you can sign up below for an alert to get notified about future opportunities to invest.

To everyone who has invested in this round... thank you! We’re very excited to have you joining us in what we believe is the the biggest shake up of transport in 100 years.

This crowdfund, as part of the larger £9m round with Draper Esprit and Barclays Bank, will be instrumental in helping us accelerate the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the UK & Europe.

Our crowdfunding video, starring our CEO Erik

The key stats for the round are as follows:

  • £1,550,000 raised from 1005 investors.
  • 100% of target achieved in just 12 days!
  • Average investment: £1,542
  • Covered by over 20 media outlets