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Enjoy Your Free Charge on Clean Air Day

Posted by Roseanne: Jun 20, 2019 1 min read

Today we’re supporting Clean Air Day once again by making our entire 2,000-strong public charging network entirely free for all EV drivers.

Why support Clean Air Day?

Well, why not? We all have to breathe the same air, and air pollution is linked to a range of conditions, including lung problems, heart disease and 36,000 early deaths every year. Petrol and diesel emissions play a huge part in this problem, with the health costs from road transport pollution estimated at around £6 billion per year.

Visit: to learn more about the scale of the dirty air problem in the UK.

How does the free charging offer work?

You won’t notice any difference in your charge! We’ll be reimbursing your charge in the form of credit the following day (this may take up to three working days to process) for any charge carried out on Pod Point public chargepoints. It’s that simple.

Please explore our Pod Point Network this Clean Air Day and enjoy a free charge on us.

Terms and Conditions:

Drivers that use Pod Point’s public charging network on 20th June will be reimbursed within three working days in the form of a credit to their Pod Point account.

You can download our Pod Point App by clicking the button below. Happy Charging!

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