POD Point MIS Header - Outlander and BMW i3 charging on Twin Unit

Public chargepoints now even easier to find

Posted by Roseanne: Oct 19, 2018 1 min read

Hooray! You can now search for our public chargers on Google Maps.

A big cheer went out at Pod Point towers when we heard that public units on the Pod Point Network are now listed on Google Maps.

With the Google Maps platform used by 2 out of every 3 smartphone users, we see this as further evidence of EVs moving away from the niche of the early adopter and into the spotlight of the mainstream.

Of course, passionate early adopting EV drivers know of other EV targeted mapping apps, but most drivers won’t know where to go to find an EV chargepoint, and they won’t necessarily notice them when they’re out and about. This can act as a deterrent to those thinking of making the transition to EVs. Featuring them on such a popular mapping device as Google Maps makes the transition to EVs one step less daunting for those who have yet to make the change.

And what great news for businesses that want to attract the EV drivers to their site. With chargepoint availability brought further into public conscience, this can only help hosts of Pod Points to attract drivers to their businesses and, in turn, help drivers of EVs find which sites are making smart, easy to use Pod Point chargers available for them.