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Introducing the Solo 3S - now with solar integration

Posted by David: May 02, 2024 3 min read

Our award-winning home charger just got better. Introducing the Solo 3S with solar mode, letting EV drivers with solar panels charge for zero cost and zero carbon.

Solo 3S home EV charger installed on the side of a house

With concerns around the rising costs of energy, we know that EV drivers are looking for more ways to keep their charging costs down.

Many drivers are looking to solar energy, with our research showing that 87% of people are looking for solar integration from their home charger, even if they don't have solar panels yet.

That’s why we’re thrilled to reveal the launch of our new EV home charger - the Solo 3S. It retains everything on offer with our award-winning Solo 3, including a Which? Trusted Trader Approved standard installation service, a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind, and a host of smart charging features like Charge Scheduling, but with some significant upgrades.

Most notably, the Solo 3S includes solar integration, allowing users to charge their electric cars exclusively with excess solar power or with a mixture of solar and grid energy with our new solar charging modes, marking a huge step forward towards a greener and more sustainable future! At certain times, drivers can even charge their EVs for free.

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What’s new with the Solo 3S?

1. Solar integration made simple

With the Solo 3S, drivers with solar panels can now harness the sun to power their electric cars for zero cost and zero carbon.

And it couldn’t be easier to set up. Once you’ve paired the charger with your account via the Pod Point App, you just need to activate ‘Solar charging mode’ to configure your settings.

Family with their EV plugged into a Solo 3S home charger

2. New solar charging modes

With the Solo 3S, you have three different ways to use your solar energy:

Infographic showing how different solar charging modes work
  1. Solar mode: charge your EV for free purely using your excess solar energy. Ideal for very sunny days where lots of solar is generated. EVs require a minimum of 1.4kW to begin charging (as per IEC 61851), otherwise charging will pause.

  2. Solar and grid mode: if it’s a cloudy day and available excess solar is less than the 1.4kW required, but you don’t want to let the excess energy go to waste, you can use this mode to top it up with a small amount from the National Grid.

  3. Charge Scheduling/Charge Now: Solar charging mode works harmoniously with our other smart charging features. When you charge using one of these features, your charger will use available solar energy alongside a larger top-up from the National Grid to reach your charger’s maximum charging rate.

3. Future-proofed design & upgraded tech

If you don’t have solar panels, don’t worry! The Solo 3S has been designed to work with them automatically once they’re installed, so your home will be future-proofed for years to come.

4. A sleek new look

The Solo 3S has an updated and more modern aesthetic, with a sleek dark design.

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