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Update on the Lidl GB rapid charger rollout

Posted by Roseanne: May 18, 2022 3 min read

We’re working together with Lidl GB to improve our messaging for EV drivers.

Since 2017, Lidl GB has invested over £25m in the rollout of electric vehicle charging points and has committed to having rapid charging points in place at 300 stores by the end of 2022.

Fun facts! Did you know?

  • The Lidl network has over 200 rapid chargers at market-leading prices.
  • It has powered more than 44 million miles since we launched the rollout in March 2017. *
  • As the network only uses renewable energy, that represents a saving of 6,149 tonnes of CO2 compared with travelling the same distance in a typical petrol or diesel car.

Each Lidl rapid has CHAdeMO 50kW DC connector, a CCS 50kW DC connector, and a Type 2 AC socket for 22kW AC charging, which means they can be used by all EV drivers.

  • Correct as of 7/4/2022*

For the latest pricing and chargepoint locations visit our Lidl rollout page below.

View all Lidl stores with EV charging

EV charging at Lidl - what you need to know:

It’s standard practice for car parks, including those at Lidl stores, to have restrictions in place for all drivers. These serve to ensure available spaces during trading hours and are applicable during non-trading hours to prevent any misuse.

Signage outlining terms and conditions is displayed prominently across Lidl car parks. We’re working with Lidl to look at how we can make messaging even clearer for our drivers. Please see the details below.

During store operating hours:

EV charging during operating hours is limited between 60 to 180 minutes depending on the store. Please check the signage for the parking restrictions. We have updated our messaging for all Lidl stores in the Pod Point App and endeavour to keep this updated, but there may be situations where the restrictions are incorrect. It’s therefore important to always check signage in the carpark directly.

We will also update our app to state whether you will need to validate your parking in store using a receipt (during opening hours).

Outside of operating hours:

EV charging outside store operating hours is allowed. Normal time restrictions will apply, which means EV drivers have a maximum of [60-180 mins]* to charge, however, no parking validation will be required.

*Please check the signage at each store for the maximum parking limit.

Please note: Pod Point will endeavour to keep the parking limits up to date in the Pod Point App. However, there might be situations where the restrictions are incorrect and so it is always important to check signage in the carpark directly.

EV driver feedback:

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