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New additions to the Open Charge Network

Posted September 17, 2017 by Emma

With our Open Charge Network, you can top up your EV on the go with the help of our intuitive App.

You can find the latest chargepoints added to our public Open Charge Network below. We will update this list frequently.

You can download our App on iOS or Android.

Download our Open Charge App


30th October:

10th October:

5th September:

These units have been upgraded:

7th August:

4th July:

4th July

These chargepoints aren't necessarily new, but were private units that are now available for you to use on the public network.

30th May:

1st May:

12th April:

3rd April:

19th March:

28th February:

26th January:

10th January:


20th December:

27th November:

17th November:

9th November:

26th October:

20th October:

1st October:

18th September:

11th September:





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