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Pod Point Rapid Charge units to be installed at selected Lidl stores across the UK

Posted May 22, 2017 by Leighanne

Over the coming months we will be installing Pod Point Rapid Chargers at selected Lidl stores across the UK.

View the full list of Lidl locations with rapid chargers here (we update this regularly).

  • The points will be Triple Standard AC/DC Rapid Chargers that can charge up to a speed of 50kW.
  • They will be free to use for a limited time period.
  • You'll be able to find the new points and start charging using the Pod Point app as with any other Pod Point.

We'll also be installing fast charge Pod Points at selected stores to supplement the Rapids and replace existing points.

Pod Point Rapid Chargers already installed

Two of the Rapid Charger installations have already been completed with the units available for use at:

  • Lidl Scarborough:
    1 x Triple Standard AC/DC 50kW Rapid Charger View on map

  • Lidl Maldon:
    1 x Triple Standard AC/DC 50kW Rapid Charger View on map

Fast chargers already installed

We have also installed Pod Point Open Charge fast chargers at the following Lidl locations so far:

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