Pod Point x Grid

Strategic agreement fuels Pod Point’s expansion into flexibility

Posted by Caitlin: Nov 17, 2023 2 min read

The agreement will see Pod Point entering into a six-month trial with Centrica

Pod Point, who operates the largest network of EV charging points in the UK, announces a strategic agreement with Centrica, that marks a significant step in the company's expansion into energy flexibility - the management of flexible energy resources to optimise electricity generation and consumption across the grid.

The agreement represents the first step in a planned roadmap of activity, maximising leading-edge technology partnerships and collaborations with established industry players. The goal is to develop and deliver innovative solutions for residential customers which will aim to help users significantly reduce energy costs and minimise carbon emissions.

The agreement will see Pod Point entering into a six-month trial with Centrica, a leading provider of energy and services to over 10 million UK homes and businesses. Centrica also operates one of Europe’s largest virtual power plants which aggregates flexibility from various sources to provide a more dynamic approach to managing electricity demand and supply across the grid.

With grid flexibility a core focus for the newly announced Pod Point strategy, the trial will allow Pod Point to explore opportunities for the future provision of flexibility services to Centrica – either independently and / or integrated with utility tariffs.

The collaboration will focus on providing flexibility services to shared Pod Point and British Gas customers which, alongside their British Gas tariff, will enable them to optimise their EV charging in terms of cost and carbon footprint. Meanwhile, Centrica will benefit from adding the flexibility gained from the joint customers to their virtual power plant.

"A key focus of our business as we move into 2024 is grid flexibility and the agreement with Centrica is a pivotal step in this direction," said Andy Palmer, CEO, Pod Point. "The trial will allow us to explore opportunities for British Gas customers to benefit from flexibility services that not only enhance cost efficiency but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions.”

Stavros Sachinis, Demand Side Response Director from Centrica added: “British Gas is committed to providing our customers with sustainable energy solutions which is why we are pleased to support Pod Point’s extensive network of connected EV charging points. Integrating Pod Point's flexibility services into our Virtual Power Plant will add a valuable layer to our capabilities and will further strengthen this commitment."

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