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Tesco Maintenance Update | List of Active Stores

Posted by Roseanne: Feb 07, 2020 5 min read

Our chargepoints at Tesco stores will be temporarily unavailable while we conduct necessary maintenance to ensure ongoing network reliability.

We will bring each location back online once the work is complete and we will update this blog with the latest information daily.

The chargepoints at the Tesco stores listed below are officially back online and ready for use!

Please note: If you don't see your local store listed below (or on the Pod Point app), please don't rely on the chargepoint as being available, even if it looks ready to use. For some locations, there will be a gap between maintenance being completed and the chargepoint being remotely re-activated.

Maintenance completed:

Date: 21/2/20

Date: 11/2/20

Date: 10/2/20

Date: 9/2/20

Date: 8/2/20

Date: 7/2/20

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