5 things ev drivers know

The top 5 things only EV drivers know about electric cars

Posted by David: Aug 08, 2023 3 min read

Want to know what life is really like as an EV driver? Now’s your chance!

In case it wasn’t obvious from what we do, we’re hugely in favour of electric cars for a number of reasons. We could write forever about all the reasons why, but what it really boils down to is: they’re better for drivers, better for the wallet, and better for the planet.

They’re just better in every way!

But it’s pretty obvious a company selling electric car chargers would like them. So what about EV drivers? What do they know about electric cars, and why do they think they’re so great compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalents? Well…

1. Petrol/diesel cars just can’t compete

Modern electric cars are just fundamentally better than equivalent ICE vehicles when it comes to power, torque, and acceleration. Even a mass-market EV like a Nissan LEAF feels nippy, benefitting - like all electric cars do - from instant torque (the engine’s rotational force; the higher the torque, the more power the engine produces, meaning the car can accelerate faster).

And they also handle better in general too with their lower centre of gravity. Simply put, you’re sacrificing performance if you choose an ICE car.

2. Charging an electric car is easier than most people think

You haven’t experienced true convenience until you’ve woken up to a full battery for the first time, and the novelty never wears off. Being able to charge overnight, rather than having to drive somewhere to refuel, is one of the best things about driving an EV.

And if you do have to drive to a public charger, it’s more than likely you’ll find one somewhere you naturally want to visit anyway, like a supermarket, a hotel, a leisure venue etc. That way, you can charge your car whilst you’re doing something more productive or fun. Plus, they’re really easy to use.

Public EV chargers at Chester Zoo

3. They’ll never look back

The idea of having to drive somewhere to fill up your car with toxic and highly combustible fuel just seems so primitive. That’s not even mentioning the harm burning fossil fuels does to our climate!

But there are loads of other benefits to driving an EV, such as being cheaper to run and more convenient to own, that make drivers never want to go back.

4. Range anxiety is a thing of the past

The early EV models didn’t have the biggest batteries, which meant you had to charge them more frequently when covering large distances. It was a pain, to be sure, but now it’s really a non-issue.

Average EV ranges have increased dramatically, with most modern electric cars able to cover distances well into the hundreds of miles on a single charge. Plus, the UK’s public charging network is constantly growing, making it easier than ever to get a charge when you’re out and about - even on really long-distance journeys.

5. The future is electric

Whether you drive an EV or not, one thing that’s hard to deny is electric cars are here to stay, and they’re undoubtedly the future of transport. After all, the UK government is committed to banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030.

Once it comes into force, we’ll see a lot more drivers making the switch to EVs. And, in our opinion, it’s a no-brainer.

Simply put, electric cars are better than ICE equivalents in every way, and EV drivers know this. Once you go electric, there’s no going back. And with the upcoming ban in 2030, there’s no stopping them!

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