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Westminster Charging Stations Update

Posted by Roseanne: Jan 30, 2018 2 min read

We’ve changed the pricing structure for our Westminster City Council public charging points.

After receiving feedback from fellow EV drivers we’ve agreed to change the tariff across our Westminster City Council charging stations listed at the locations below.

Our tariff was originally set at £1.50hr which was better off for BEV drivers than PHEV drivers.

To make the price fair for all EV drivers, we have set the units below at 17p per kWh so that EV drivers are charged for the energy drawn, not just the time plugged in (irrespective of the energy drawn).

Previously, £1.50hr tariff:

  • A Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) driver drawing 7kWh of energy would be paying 21.4p per kWh

  • A Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PHEV) driver that can only draw 3.6kWh of energy, would end up paying 41.7p per kWh

Now, 17p per kWh:

  • A BEV driver drawing 7kWh of energy will pay £1.19

  • A PHEV driver drawing 3.6kWh of energy will pay 61.2p

Price comparison of Westminster Charging Stations

Chargemaster Source London* Pod Point
Polar Plus:
- £7.85 per month
- 10.8p per kWh

Polar Instant
- £1.20 admin fee
- £1.50hr
- £4 per month
- 4.6p* per min of use

- £10 one off fee
- 6.9p per min of use
£0 membership or admin fee

17p per kWh

Pod Point charging stations in Westminster: