How to maintain a home EV charger

A guide covering electric car home charger maintenance, including how to clean it and keep its software up-to-date.

Last updated: May 23, 2024 4 min read


Just like buying a car, getting a home charger installed is a big investment. Whether yours is brand new or you’ve had it for a while, you’ll want to spend time maintaining it. There are many things you can do to make your electric vehicle (EV) charger last a long time, well beyond its warranty.

How to keep your EV charger maintained

Keeping your charger maintained is just as important as looking after your car. With a regular maintenance schedule, it doesn’t take much to keep it in top working order.

    Tip: If you do notice anything wrong with your charger, do not attempt to fix it yourself or open the charger as this could invalidate your warranty or put your safety at risk. Inform the provider or have it inspected by a qualified electrician.

    Here are some steps you can take to look after your charger:

      1. Inspect the charger frequently 

      Like any other plug-in device, most drivers walk away straight after plugging in their EV. However, it’s worth getting into the habit of looking at the charger and making a note of anything that might look out of place.

      This could include physical damage to the casing, loose connections, or a broken socket cap.

      2. Keep the charger clean

        Lots of drivers put great care into keeping their car looking spotless. Frequently cleaning your charger not only makes it look nicer, but it can also ensure no dirt or debris comes into contact with the electronics inside which makes it last longer.

        Carefully wipe off any dirt or debris from the charger’s shell. You can clean the charging port by gently using a Q-tip around the charging contacts. However, make sure not to use any chemicals when cleaning the charging port, as this can damage the electronics.

        3. Don’t forget about the software

          Home chargers are like any smart device, in that they often receive software updates. These typically include security updates, resolve glitches, or new features.

          Most chargers and apps will update automatically, but it’s worth checking occasionally for EV charger software updates to make sure it’s on the latest recommended version. Otherwise, your charger could be less efficient, or less intelligent, than it should be.

          How to take care of your EV charging cables

          Just like the charger, you should always make sure to maintain your electric car charging cables.

          1. Store it neatly and safely

          Unlike phone cables, it can be costly to repair or replace a charging cable. After every charge, make sure to give them a good clean and store them neatly. It’s also worth inspecting them for any damage or exposed wires every time you use it. If your cable is damaged, you should get it repaired or replaced immediately.

          2. Keep your charging cable secure

          The last thing anyone wants is for their cable to get stolen. If you’re worried about your cable being stolen, you might want to invest in a charger with a tethered cable. This is where the cable is permanently attached to the charger, so it’s difficult to steal. Otherwise, if necessary, store your cable in a garage or generally indoors.

          Why is it important to maintain your charger and cable?

          Looking after your charger and cable with regular inspections and maintenance is very important. It keeps the charger working safely and efficiently, but also saves you from having to pay money on repairs.

          Even though chargers include a warranty - such as Pod Point’s Solo charger with 5-year warranty as standard, covering both the product and installation - taking the steps outlined above can keep it working for long after the warranty.