Workplace Charging Scheme

A complete guide covering what the Workplace Charging Scheme is, how it works and how you can claim £500 for an electric car charging station for your business.

What is the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) is a government scheme for electric vehicles offered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

  • The Workplace Charging Scheme reduces the purchase and installation cost of a new workplace charging station (single socket) by 75% (capped at £500 per socket).
  • You can claim for up to a maximum of 20 charging stations (20 single socket or 10 double socket charge stations).
  • You can't back-claim for old charge stations.

How do I qualify for the Workplace Charging Scheme?

The Workplace Charging Scheme is available from the 21st November 2016 onwards to any business, charity or public authority.

  • You must have off-street parking.
  • No electric vehicle (EV) proof is needed, but you will need to clarify a need for the business.
  • You must have the charging station installed by an OLEV-approved workplace charging station installer.

How does the Workplace Charging Scheme work?

The Workplace Charging Scheme is a voucher based system.

  • First you complete an online application.
  • If successful you will be emailed a voucher code which you can then present to your OLEV-approved installer.
  • The voucher code is valid for 120 days from the date of issue.

What are the benefits of electric car charging stations for business?

30% of electric vehicle drivers do their charging at the workplace.

  • Your employees can save nearly £1,000 a year in fuel costs.
  • You can offer electric vehicle charging to your visitors.
  • You can reduce employee benefit in kind tax by up to 86% for company cars.*
  • A green fleet can help reduce CO2 emissions and reach sustainability goals.

Download the workplace electric car charging whitepaper

How do I claim the Workplace Charging Scheme with Pod Point?

Pod Point is an OLEV-approved installer.

To reduce the cost of your Workplace charge point by up to £500, all you need to do is fill in this simple form and our team of experts will help you through the process.