EV Zones

EV Zones

Become a favourite location for EV drivers
with the new standard in public charging.

Driver Loyalty EV Zone

Increase availability for drivers

Provide the best charging experience for your customers.

Amplify Your Brand EV Zone

Attract & retain customers

Create driver loyalty, increase dwell times and repeat visits.


Powered by Array Charging

Scale with ease and minimum disruption as EV adoption grows.

What makes an EV Zone

Meet the new standard in public charging.

Increase availability for drivers

Drivers can just pull up and plug in.

EV Zones are designed with drivers in mind, providing the best charging experience in the market.

  • Create high visibility with EV Zone signage and bay markings for easier and quicker navigation.
  • Help to ensure charging is always available with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) -deterrent markings.
  • Customise your EV Zone with co-branding and multiple charger options.

Attract & retain customers

Up to 95% of EV drivers select a public parking location based on whether charging is available.

EV Zones will help you create habitual driver loyalty.

  • Increase dwell times by up to 50% when customers charge with you.
  • Help to stand out against other charging destinations in the UK through digital wayfinding.
  • Create driver loyalty, repeat customer visits and recurring revenue.

Powered by Array Charging

Scaling installations of EV charging infrastructure can be disruptive and costly.

EV Zones are powered by Array Charging so it's easy and cost-effective to add new bays as driver demand grows.

  • Array Charging allows up to 3x the number of chargers to be fitted on the same power supply.
  • Passive wiring facilitates future installations whilst minimising costs and site disruption.
  • Save up to 50% on future site infrastructure and maximise uptime.

Want to become a destination for EV drivers?

Our specialist team are happy to help.


How does an EV Zone save me money?

EV Zones are powered by our Array Charging solution which allows hosts to install 3x more chargepoints on the same electrical power supply without the need to upgrade. Combining this with intelligent design prior to the build stage can mean provision of suitable ducting that minimises future disruption.

Is there a minimum number of bays I need to install to create an EV Zone?

The concept of an EV Zone is to always ensure that customers have bays that are available to charge. We therefore recommend a minimum of 6 active bays with relevant signage. But of course, we always encourage hosts to consider options for future expansion.

How will EV Zones assist my EV driver experience?

EV Zones create the best driver experience through being:

  1. Easy to find. Stand-out icons on our app will highlight and direct drivers in the area to your location. Once on site, high visibility signage and bay markings mean drivers can quickly navigate to chargepoints.
  2. Easy to use. Once plugged in, customer can simply start the charge through our app with no membership cards or fobs required.
  3. Our load balancing solution helps connecting drivers to get a charge, even at peak times.
How do I find an EV Zone and does it look different on the app?

EV Zones are highlighted on our app through stand-out icons. We are currently working to provide the same experience through third-party apps.

What charging units can I use as part of an EV Zone?

There are multiple options and configurations. Speak to our specialist team for a recommendation on which chargers are best suited to your business.