Media Charger

Media Charger

Attract new customers and generate fast ROI
with Pod Point's advertising enabled EV charger.

Enables you to:

Generate Media

Generate a fast return on investment

Sell advertising space on the built-in screen to 3rd party media buyers.

Attract customers

Attract new customers to charge at your location

Twin Charger style electric vehicle charging encourages drivers to visit.

Multi channel experience

Create a multi-channel experience with mobile advertising

Engage with display media, then follow with in-app advertising.

How Media Chargers work

Generate fast ROI through ad sales

The HD 1080p screen enables you to generate revenue from outdoor advertising sales to the 3rd party agencies.

This will give you a faster return on investment than charging drivers a usage fee. As a result you can:

  • Decrease the payback period on your investment.
  • Offset electricity costs to offer free charging to drivers.
  • Reach profitability quicker.

Attract new customers to your location

Electric vehicle fast charging acts as an incentive for drivers to visit your location and recharge.

During the time their battery is charging, drivers will engage with the services offered at your location. This means you can expect to:

  • Increase revenues from your core business activities.
  • Gain customers from competitors who don't provide EV charging (and stay competitive with those that do).
  • Increase average customer dwell time.

Create a multi-channel experience with mobile advertising

Engage with display media then follow up with an in-app advert when drivers charge

Having this control over display and mobile media enables you to:

  • Promote your brand or partner brands to a targeted audience and hold a presence on two platforms simultaneously (display & mobile).
  • Measure the true impact of your display advertising with the increase in mobile traffic and associated web metrics.
  • Encourage EV drivers to make a purchase decision faster & more efficiently.

Interested in installing Media Chargers?

Our specialist team are on hand to help.

Advertising options

Pod Point

Pod Point Media

Manages your advertising


You Media

Manage your advertising directly

3rd Party

3rd Party

An advertising agency manages your media


What type of charger is the Media Charger?

The Media Charger is functionally very similar to the Pod Point Twin Charger, i.e. providing Twin charging socket speeds of 3kW and 7kW. For further details on charging characteristics please visit the Twin Charger product page.

How long can my media playlist be?

Our digital publishing platform enables us to customise media campaigns for every client’s needs. A simple campaign could consist of one static poster playing 24/7 across all screens, while a complex campaign could broadcast diverse playlists of video clips on different screens around the country.

How do I know how many people have seen the media displayed?

Our digital publishing platform records the number of times a media asset has been played and which screens it has been played on. Reports can then be created to show media stats against your venue’s footfall numbers to calculate impressions generated.

Is there an optimal position to install these in a carpark?

We recommend installation within the front third of your carpark, to ensure sufficient footfall in the vicinity of the media charger thus generating a good number of media impressions. However chargers positioned immediately at your venue’s entrance have a higher propensity to be blocked by less considerate drivers of internal combustion engine vehicles, meaning there is a greater need for effective signage and enforcement. Pod Point can advise on the best location for your Media Charger.

Do I need planning permission?

As the screen displays illuminated media/adverts it is regulated under the Government’s ‘Advertising Control System’.

Depending on your property type there are a number of conditions for display that can allow installation without the planning authority’s specific consent.

Further detail is available in the UK government's "Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers" document. You can also speak to our specialist team to discuss your requirements and receive guidance.