Rapid Charging

When you need to charge quickly
on the Pod Point Network

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Charge on 50kW rapid DC chargers

A faster charge on the Pod Point Network.

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In-app & contactless payment

No subscriptions, pay as you charge.

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At places you already visit

Rapid chargers at Tesco and Lidl's across the UK.

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Rapid charging on the Pod Point Network

Charge at a range of speeds to suit your EV

And find them all in the Pod Point App.

  • Add up to 100 miles of range in 35 mins (20-80%) with our 50kW DC rapid chargers.
  • All of our rapid chargers are tethered and our DC chargers offer both CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors.
  • Find out how fast you can charge your EV in our vehicle guides.
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Top-up or pay as you charge

No subscription or access fees to rapid charge.

Many of our rapid chargers now feature a contactless payment option.

  • Use the Pod Point app to locate chargers and pay for your charging session.
  • Pay by topping up your account in-app or use contactless with major credit and debit cards. (Apple and Google Pay accepted)
  • Oversee energy usage and charging costs on your smartphone. (not available with contactless payment)

Do you need a VAT receipt for a charging session? - email us

Note: Charging costs vary by location - check the Pod Point App to get up to date pricing for specific charging points.

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At places you already visit.

Don't take detours to get a rapid charge.

We're expanding our network at convenient locations across the UK.

  • Our Velocity chargers are launching in Tesco stores, find your nearest charging location.
  • You can find our Terra 54 chargers at Lidl stores, find your nearest charging location.

Want to become a Rapid Charging destination?

Our specialist team are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to charge?

Cost to charge will vary by location, like all of our chargers on the Pod Point Network. For the latest pricing please check the Pod Point App or our Charge Map.

Viewing your rapid charging activity and cost history in the Pod Point App cannot be done when you pay via contactless payment - only when you pay for charging using the Pod Point App.

How do I use your Rapid chargers?

Instructions on how to rapid charge will differ depending on the charger you are using, they will also differ from our standard network instructions. You can find instructions on how to charge in 3 different ways:

  • Charging instructions can be located towards the middle of this page (see above) underneath each respective rapid charger.
  • In-app charging instructions can be found by selecting your rapid charging location in-app and then tapping on "How to use this charger"
  • Charging instructions are displayed on the front of all of our rapid chargers.
How long can I stay parked at a rapid charger?

Whilst Pod Point doesn't impose overstay fees, we advise all drivers to vacate any charging area after they have finished charging to make space available for other drivers. Please always check any location-specific guidelines before you travel to charge - as these may vary.

Why can I see £30 as an amount on the charger display whilst I am starting a charge.

Not to worry, this is our standard pre-authorisation amount (This may vary, up to £30) that is temporarily held (not withdrawn) if you're paying via contactless debit or credit card payment.

Once your charging session has been completed, this amount is taken off hold and you will only be charged for the energy consumed during your charging session.

Is there a minimum spend to rapid charge?

No, we currently have no minimum spend to charge on our rapid chargers.