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Our Network is 100% FREE for Earth Day!

Posted by Roseanne: Apr 20, 2018 2 min read

This weekend marks the 48th annual Earth Day. The movement began in 1970 and is celebrated by around 1-2bn people worldwide. It's an exciting, positive day to drive action towards a sustainable Earth.

It's Earth Day on the 22nd of April!

A day to “diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide”. We’re all encouraged to get involved and promote sustainability as part of the Earth Day celebrations. So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to make our entire public Pod Point Network completely FREE to use for one day.

Yes, that’s right! From midnight on April 21st until midnight April 22nd you’ll be able to top-up your electric vehicle on our public Pod Point Network for free.

How does it work?

You won’t notice any difference while charging. You'll still charge and pay in the same way. We’ll be reimbursing your payment the following day (this may take up to three working days to process). It’s that simple.

This Earth Day please explore our public Pod Point Network and enjoy a free charge on us! As together we drive towards a sustainable future, where travel doesn’t damage the Earth.

You can read more about our Pod Point App and access all our chargepoint locations by downloading the app on iTunes or Android.

Happy Charging!

Terms and conditions:

All charging on the Pod Point Network will be free from midnight on the 21st of April until midnight on the 22nd of April. App users will charge and pay as usual and Pod Point will reimburse any payments made within 2-3 working days.