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Electric Insights 006 | Robert Llewellyn Part 2

Posted by Roseanne: Mar 16, 2021 2 min read

Part 2 is out now! Erik Fairbairn & Robert Llewellyn continue setting the (sustainability) world to rights.

Watch Part 2 of the Robert Llewellyn / Fully Charged episode:

The following interview contains views which are Robert Llewellyn's only.

Who's on Electric Insights 006?

In this special episode Erik Fairbairn, Pod Point Founder and CEO, switches roles, interviewing the one and only Robert Llewellyn.

Robert is a British actor, presenter and writer, famous for his 30-year stretch as the rubber-masked mechanoid Kryten in the much-loved science fiction comedy, ‘Red Dwarf’. With his interest in engineering, Robert then turned his hand to presenting the long-running TV gameshow, ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ along with ‘How Do They Do It?’ and ‘Carpool’.

In 2010, after being blown away by early electric cars, Robert launched Fully Charged, a YouTube channel focussing on the future of electric vehicles, of all shapes and sizes, and clean energy. Fully Charged has exceeded 55 million views around the world.

What’s in Part 2?

In this episode, Erik and Robert continue setting the (sustainability) world to rights, discussing:

  • How much of the tech seen on Fully Charged has seeped into Robert’s life.
  • What’s next for Fully Charged? Could there be a TV series in the works?
  • Zapheap challenge... We’ll say no more, for now.
  • A few of Robert’s favourite things, including converting classic cars, his top EV and his funniest EV experience.

What did I miss from Part 1?

Erik and Robert chewed the fat about:

  • Which of Robert’s shows have most defined him (cool fact: more people watch a Fully Charged episode in the first week of it going live than used to watch Scrapheap or Red Dwarf).
  • How the California Air Resources Board - of all things - shaped Robert’s thinking around EVs.
  • What technology from the last 12 months has got him most excited.
  • And what exactly does he do with those 38p Red Dwarf royalty cheques?

Want to see more?

Guests so far include:

  • National Grid
  • OLEV
  • Met Office
  • Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS)
  • DPD
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