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Electric Insights 007 | Andy Palmer

Posted by Roseanne: Jul 12, 2021 2 min read

In this Electric Insights episode we talk to the former Aston Martin CEO, Nissan COO and all around automotive legend, Andy Palmer.

Watch the Andy Palmer episode:

In this Electric Insights episode we talk to Andy about his career, his role in the electrification journey and his views on the majority role of the EV in a suite of zero emission technologies. Turns out he's not a big hybrid fan...

Who's on Electric Insights 007?

Andy has over 40 years experience in the automotive industry. He’s been the COO of Nissan and President and Group CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda.

Now Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of SWITCH Mobility Ltd.; Founder & CEO Palmer Automotive Ltd.; Vice Chair Inobat j.s.a.; Chairman HiLo Ltd.; Senior Advisor Falcon Group ; Founder The Palmer Foundation; Honorary Group Captain RAF; and commentator on all things automotive.

What's discussed?

Highlights include:

  • How the Nissan LEAF came to be.
  • What Andy thinks about plug-in hybrids (heads up, in his words - ‘nonsense’).
  • Electrification is one thing, but other alternatives are compelling when it comes to heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and other modes of transport.
  • Andy has a keen interest in hot hydrogen. Know what that is? Watch this episode to find out.
  • “EVs are as certain as death and taxes”, does the ‘Grandfather of EVs’ still agree with the statement he made 10 years ago?
  • The dieselgate scandal and how it opened the door to an EV future.
  • Performance EVs vs ICE supercars: which technology wins?

Want to see more?

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