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Electric Insights 008 | Emma Pinchbeck

Posted by Roseanne: Nov 01, 2021 2 min read

In this Electric Insights episode we talk to energy and whole-economy decarbonisation expert, Emma Pinchbeck, CEO of Energy UK.

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In this Electric Insights episode we talk to Emma about the current energy crisis, the pandemic giving rise to more flexible working practices, sustainable tech and realising the value of flexibility, and getting proactive in the pursuit of diversity and modern leadership. All great stuff, and somewhere in there Emma's also committed to making her first car an EV!

Who's on Electric Insights 008?

Emma has been CEO of Energy UK, the trade association for the energy industry in the UK with 100 members (including lil’ ol’ Pod Point), since September 2020. She previously served as Deputy Chief Executive of Renewable UK and Head of Climate Change and Energy for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

Emma is a passionate advocate for greater diversity and inclusion within the energy sector and has won acclaim for seamlessly balancing her high-pressured leadership role with raising her young child.

What's discussed?

Highlights of Part 1 include:

  • Reforms to help electrons fix the energy crisis
  • Pandemic or not - undertakers can’t work from home
  • How energy is undergoing an exciting transition, awaiting the “Brunel of electrons”
  • Heat is BORING, but she’s still pumped for heat pumps

Highlights of Part 2 include:

  • Diversity matters and passive measures aren’t getting it done fast enough
  • The role of diversity allies and senior leaders in the energy sector
  • Emma stuns us by revealing she is not a 50 year old man

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