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Electric Insights 011 | Erin Baker

Posted by David: Oct 04, 2022 2 min read

In this Electric Insights episode we chat with AutoTrader’s Editorial Director and award-winning journalist Erin Baker about the gender gap in the UK car industry.

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Who's on Electric Insights 011?

Erin Baker is an award-winning and veteran journalist who started her career as a motoring journalist for The Daily Telegraph in 2003. After two years as their Managing Director of Motoring, Erin went freelance as a consultant at the Goodwood estate.

Now the Editorial Director for AutoTrader, Erin is on a mission to replace automotive industry jargon with plain English and promote gender-neutrality and diversity.

What's discussed?

We chat with Erin about:

  • The widening gender gap in the car world, and how to fix it
  • Why women aren’t as engaged as men with the concept of electric vehicles
  • Why jargon and where information is published presents a barrier of entry for consumers, especially women
  • How the advent of electric vehicles presented a “golden opportunity to shake up everything for the first time in over a century”...and how the industry fell into the same traps!
  • How even someone like her - who lives and breathes cars - gets confused by the language used

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