New EV Zones at M&G Real Estate’s retail parks

Posted by James: Apr 18, 2019 1 min read

We’re excited to announce new chargepoints at M&G Real Estate’s retail parks.

Three new 'EV Zones' are being installed at:

With a host of shopping options, restaurants and coffee shops to keep customers busy, average dwell time at these retail parks is just over an hour. So they are the perfect place for a 7kW top-up to give you up to 30 or so miles in a smaller BEV like a Renault Zoe, or 20 or so miles in a larger BEV like an Audi e-tron.

With pricing per kWh set only to cover costs, we’re certain that these sites will become favourite destinations for EV drivers within a 30 mile radius. We hope other shoppers will see just how easy charging an EV is and consider switching to EV.

With successful uptake, and potentially subsequent expansion of the Pod Point Network through the impressive M&G Real Estate retail park portfolio, we can repeat this process elsewhere and encourage more drivers to consider sustainable transport choices.

*The keen-eyed EV Zone purists will note the Riverside site is technically 2 bays short of the minimum 6 required to be classed as an EV Zone, but it’s still pretty good. Festival and Wycombe Retail parks have 6 bays each.

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