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Show us your Solo!

Posted by Roseanne: Jan 28, 2022 2 min read

Take a look at these stunning pictures of Pod Point Solo 3 in action. It gives us great pleasure to showcase these beautiful photos of Solo 3 installations.

Our Solo 3 Home Charger pairs with the Pod Point App so you can see your charge activity. It also gets over-the-air updates via Wi-Fi and automatically power balances with your home.

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Pod Point Solo - Tethered
A 'floating' tethered Solo 3 with black cable gun.

Pod Point Solo - Tethered
Another tethered Solo 3 with black cable gun and a neat cabling run.

Pod Point Solo - Tethered
A 'floating' tethered Solo 3 next to gun holder
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A universal Solo 3 on a stone wall amidst the foliage.

A universal Solo 3 with the cable neatly run along the wall.

A universal Solo 3 with cable running cleanly across the brick wall.

Pod Point Solo - universal
A universal Solo 3 on free standing mount.

Pod Point Solo double - universal
Two universal Solo 3's side by side on brick wall.

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