Do I Need a Warranty for my EV Charger?

A guide exploring the importance of electric vehicle (EV) charger warranties.

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024 3 min read

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We highly recommend getting a warranty when investing in an EV charger for your home. Many chargers come with a policy of around 3 years included with the purchase of a device and the option to pay for an extended warranty.

Warranties for EV chargers

Switching from a combustion engine to an electric car comes with a lifestyle shift. You no longer need to make trips to the petrol station, and instead, you use electricity to charge the battery in your car. Many EV drivers will invest in a charger to power their car conveniently from home. A dedicated charger tops up your battery faster than a standard 3-pin plug and is cheaper than public charging.

Buying a home charger is a large purchase decision and the cost of a device can vary, depending on specifications like power rating, tethered vs untethered cable, storage box, and so on. That’s why choosing an EV charger with a warranty is a good idea.

Before taking the plunge and purchasing your home charger, familiarise yourself with the terms of any warranty agreement like the one for our Solo 3.

Why do I need an EV charger warranty?

EV chargers are often exposed to the elements, with most placed outside on a wall or in a partially covered area. This means chargepoints like the Solo 3 are built to be durable and withstand a wide range of weather conditions throughout their lifetime.

While common issues with EV chargers can be fixed over the air, meaning over Wi-Fi using software updates and troubleshooting, there can sometimes be other problems that require someone to fix your charger in person.

Luckily, charging devices are typically covered by an EV charger warranty to guarantee repairs and replacements when things go wrong. You would usually expect to receive a product warranty for higher-value purchases like washing machines or cars, so it makes sense for EV chargers to come with a policy to protect your investment.

Take note of the length of your warranty when you buy and install a home charger, because they’re typically limited to a few years.

How much do EV charger repairs cost?

EV charger repairs can be costly depending on the damage that has occurred. The exact cost can be difficult to predict, that’s why it’s even more important to choose a home charger that offers a warranty. You’ll be covered for certain types of faults within the policy timeframe.

In the best-case scenario, you’ll never have to claim on the policy. It gives you peace of mind that if something goes wrong and you do need it, you’ll be covered.

EV charger warranty with Pod Point

We’ve got you covered at Pod Point. Our home and workplace chargers are protected by a comprehensive and industry-leading 5-year warranty from the day of installation when bought from our site directly.

Generally, our warranty will repair or replace your home charger when parts break prematurely or the device doesn’t function as expected. You should check our Terms of Service before using your Solo 3 for the very first time. Accidental damage, wear-and-tear, tampering with the installed charging device or using it in a way it’s not intended can void your warranty.

If you treat your Solo 3 well, it’s unlikely you’ll need to make use of the warranty. Having a policy to fall back on is reassuring nonetheless, making the investment into a charger easier.