Workplace EV Charger: Benefits for Businesses

A guide exploring the benefits of offering electric vehicle (EV) charging in the workplace and commercial locations.

Last updated: Apr 24, 2024 5 min read


EV charging offers many benefits to businesses. From revenue generation to improved employee retention, employers can access government grants to reduce the cost of adding EV chargers to their premises.

The power of EV chargers for businesses

Imagine arriving at work, not to the standard routine of parking and heading straight to your desk, but to an innovative and environmentally-friendly start to the day. You plug your EV into a charger, knowing that when you’re ready to head home, you'll have a fully charged battery to get on your way.

For business owners, investing in EV charging isn't just about providing another amenity – it's a strategic decision that uplifts your brand, contributes to your sustainability goals, and offers benefits to operations and employees.

What is EV smart charging?

EV smart charging uses technology to optimise the charging process of electric vehicles. Smart features allow the system to adjust the charging rate based on the demand on the grid, to charge when it’s cheapest and greenest, and the driver’s habits, so the battery is fully charged when it’s next needed.

Smart EV chargers rely on WiFi to connect to a mobile app on the user’s phone to monitor and manage charging. Learn more about smart EV charging in our guide.

Benefits of smart EV charging in the workplace

Reduce business costs

Do you have business vehicles that are powered by electricity? You could reduce your charging costs by installing workplace EV chargers at your office or commercial sites like manufacturing plants and warehouses.

If your employees regularly charge on the go, switching the majority of charging to employer-owned, smart chargers can make your charging more cost-efficient. Bear in mind that you’ll need enough space in your current car park to turn standard parking spots into dedicated EV charging bays.

Create a new revenue stream

Installing EV chargers on your business premises creates an opportunity to generate revenue. While you charge your business vehicles at cost price, you could offer EV charging to employees and visitors at a rate set by you.

For example, visitors pay a higher rate for the convenience and availability of charging when visiting your office or warehouse, while employees enjoy a competitive rate to top up their batteries while at work.

With smart EV charging, your system can shift charging to times when there’s less demand on the grid and electricity is cheaper – if your business uses a tariff with off-peak rates.

Looking into the future, if vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology becomes widely used, your business vehicles could generate revenue by selling back energy to the grid when it’s needed the most. To learn more about V2G, read our guide on the topic.

Retain more employees

When used right, an EV charger at your workplace can be a perk that boosts employee retention. Subsidised or free charging makes travelling to the office more affordable and allows EV driving employees to recharge their batteries for cheaper.

Reduced- or zero-cost staff EV charging demonstrates commitment to supporting your employees’ sustainable lifestyle choices, improving job satisfaction and loyalty.

Attract new talent

In today's competitive job market, showcasing a commitment to sustainability can help your business attract top talent. Prospective employees are increasingly looking for workplaces that align with their values, and offering EV charging on your premises can serve as proof of your commitment to environmentally-friendly business practices.

If a large portion of your workforce relies on cars to get to work, you should consider adding EV charging to your commercial locations. However, where the need for EV charging is low – for example, in a city centre with excellent public transport links – investing in EV charging may not be the right choice.

Demonstrate company values

Having EV chargers at your office or other commercial locations demonstrates your company's dedication to sustainability and innovation. This not only strengthens your brand image but also future-proofs your facilities and encourages EV uptake among your employees.

It may also help build customer loyalty, as it can demonstrate to your customers how serious your company is about delivering on its sustainability commitments.

Government grants for business EV chargers

The push toward EV adoption is supported by a number of government initiatives and grants designed to make the transition to electric motoring more accessible for businesses. These incentives can significantly offset the initial costs of installing EV chargers, making it an even more attractive investment for employers.

There are currently two workplace charging schemes available:

  1. Workplace Charging Scheme:
    1. 75% or a maximum of £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing an EV chargepoint socket

    2. Up to 40 sockets

    3. For public sector, charities, for-profit and small accommodation businesses

  2. Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded educational institutions:
    1. 75% or a maximum of £2,500 off the cost of purchasing and installing an EV chargepoint socket

    2. Up to 40 sockets

    3. For state-funded schools and other educational institutions

Please note: You must meet a set of eligibility criteria to claim these grants.

By taking advantage of grants, businesses can speed up their journey toward sustainability. Learn more about workplace charging schemes in our guide.