BMW 330e Charger Guide

The complete guide to charging your BMW 330e, covering charging cost, charging time, range and more.

This plug-in hybrid (PHEV) executive car has a combination of electric motor and BMW TwinPower Turbo.

BMW 330e Range

  • BMW 330e provides an electric range of 25 miles.
  • Up to 370 miles combined with the petrol engine.
  • With the electric battery, BMW 330e can achieve MPG of 100 miles per gallon.
  • Perfect balance between city-based electric driving and long-range hybrid journeys.
BMW 330e Range by Mode:
Electric mode Hybrid mode
25 miles 370 miles

BMW 330e Charging Cost

Did you know if you commute less than 20 miles a day you will spend only £220 a year in fuel costs.

  • Charging your BMW 330e at home is the most cost effective way to charge.
  • BMW 330e charge costs as little as 8p per mile.
  • Based on overnight electricity cost of 10p per kWh, charging a BMW 330e costs only 75p.

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BMW 330e Charge Time

  • Charging a BMW 330e at home with a standard 3 pin plug takes about 3 hours.
  • Charging using a home charging point takes only 2 hours.

The BMW 330e can charge with a 3.7kW chargepoint, it cannot take advantage of the 7kW charging speed yet. However, installing a 7kW chargepoint can be a good way to future-proof your home; it means you're covered if you get a different plug-in vehicle that can charge at a faster rate and let's you take advantage of the OLEV government grant while it is still available.

BMW 330e Time to Charge:
3.7kW charging point 2-3 hours
7kW charging point 2-3 hours

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How to charge a BMW 330e

You can charge a BMW 330e anywhere where there is access to a reliable electrical supply, but the vast majority of charging takes place at home with a dedicated electric car charging point.

  • Home charging points provide the safest and fastest way to make sure your plug-in vehicle is fully charged.
  • Public charging points at car parks, retail parks and supermarkets across the UK are often free to use for the duration of your stay.
  • Charging points at work are becoming more common and are typically offered as a staff incentive.
  • Rapid chargers at motorway service stations charge your battery to 80% in about 30 minutes (but cost ~£6.50 per charge).

BMW 330e connector type and charge rate

When deciding on which chargepoint to charge your BMW 330e from, you need to know the connector type (Type 1 or Type 2 plug) and the maximum single-phase charge rate (3.7kW or 7kW).

  • The BMW 330e uses a Type 2 connector.
  • The 330e uses a single-phase charge rate of 3.7kW.

How much does a BMW 330e charging point cost?

A 3.7kW charging point typically costs from £279* fully installed.

*Pricing assumes eligibility of the OLEV grant and standard install terms.

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