Prices & chargepoint options.

Electric Car Charging Points - Home

  • The POD Point Solo is our super reliable homecharger.
  • Faster and safer than charging with a 3 pin plug.
  • Available with a universal socket or tethered charging cable depending on model.
  • Eligible for the government OLEV grant.

S3 (3.7kW)

Electric Car Charging Points - Home

From £390 fully installed. Up to 15 miles RPH.*

S7 (7kW)

Electric Car Charging Points - Home

From £485 fully installed. Up to 30 miles RPH.*

S22 (22kW)

Electric Car Charging Points - Home

From £1650 fully installed. Up to 80 miles RPH.*

*RPH = Range per hour of charge. Prices assume standard installation requirements.

Eligibility for the government OLEV grant.

Mitsubishi Outlander Charging - Home

The OLEV grant offers £500 off a home charging point with eligible vehicles like the Outlander.

To qualify, your customer will need to:

  • have purchased their vehicle from 1 September 2014 onwards.
  • have off-street parking.
  • use an OLEV-approved installer (like POD Point).

Key details of the OLEV grant.

OLEV Grant - Warranty

Grant offers up to £500 off cost of purchasing & installing a charge point at home.

OLEV Grant - Charging Points

One charge point per eligible vehicle.

OLEV Grant - Household

Up to two charge points per household.

How a chargepoint helps your customer get the most out of their Outlander PHEV.

Battery Charge

Charge faster than with a 3 pin plug to make sure their battery is always topped up.

No Petrol Use

Get the best mileage from their PHEV by using the petrol engine less as a result.

Customer Vehicle Charging - Leaf

Maximise the economic and environmental benefits of owning a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Why a dedicated chargepoint is safer than using a 3 pin plug.

Electric Car Charging Points - Rating

A dedicated Mode 3 chargepoint meets safety standards that a 3 pin plug may not.

Shield Small

It includes a permanent control and protection function for added safety.

Standards Award

This is the only charging mode that meets the applicable standards regulating electrical installations.

How to help your customer arrange a homecharger.

Mitsubishi Outlander Charging - Time

Use our homecharge ordering tool and:

  • Ensure your customer is using a trusted supplier who matches your own standard of service.
  • Avoid them arranging a sub-standard alternative that will cause headaches later. 
  • Keep visibility of install progress for your own peace of mind.

Creating a new chargepoint order.

Step 1:

Step 1

Login, create a new job & enter your customer's details.

Step 2:

Step 2

We call your customer to arrange their install and take payment.

Step 3:

Step 3

We install their homecharger ahead of vehicle delivery.

Installation of your customer's chargepoint.

ev charging solutions - home

Your customer's installation will be carried out by our in-house team of PHEV experts.

  • We ensure a 1st class experience between vehicle order and delivery.
  • Our team is trained to go the extra mile for your customer.
  • Mitsubishi customers give an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 for their install experience.

Step 1:

Step 111

We call your customer to arrange their install.

Step 2:

Electric Car Charging Points - Expert

Our PHEV experts arrive to complete the installation.

Step 3:

OLEV Grant - Charging Points

They leave your customer ready to charge their Outlander.