The complete guide to charging your Tesla Model S, covering charging times, costs and range.

Tesla Range

The Tesla Model S range is one of the best of any electric vehicle available today, travelling up to 294 miles on a single charge. This range depends on the model chosen, driving conditions and speed, but optimal ranges can be seen below (based on EPA data):

Tesla Range by Model:
Tesla Model S 60 (60kWh) Tesla Model S 75 (75kWh) Tesla Model S 90D (90kWh)
210 miles 249 miles 294 miles

Tesla Charge Time

  • Charging your Tesla at home with a 3 pin plug takes between 20 - 30 hours.
  • Charging a Tesla with a home charging point can take as little as 3 hours.
  • The Model S is available in three battery sizes and compatible with four charging speeds.
Tesla Charge Time by Model:
Model S 60 (60kWh) Model S 75 (75kWh) Model S 90D (90kWh)
3.7kW charging point 16-17 hours 20-21 hours 24-25 hours
7kW charging point 8-9 hours 10-11 hours 12-13 hours
11kW charging point* 5-6 hours 6-7 hours 8-9 hours
22kW charging point* 2-3 hours 3-4 hours 4-5 hours

*requires three phase power supply

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Tesla Charging Cost

  • Charging a Tesla at home costs as little as 3p per mile.
  • Overnight electricity costs are calculated at 10p per kWh.
  • Therefore, charging at home from empty costs between £6.00 (for 60kWh battery) to £9.00 (for 90kWh battery).
  • Tesla drivers can charge for free on Tesla's Supercharger Stations.

More specifically, the cost of charging a Tesla also depends on the sort of driving you do:

  • The city driver who charges overnight at home and covers only 20 miles per day.
  • The mixed driver who commutes a short distance to work but also uses their Tesla for trips in the evening.
  • The super commuter who covers 120 miles each day, charging at work (which costs a small fee) but also taking advantage of a Supercharger on their way home.
Cost to Charge Tesla (Driving Scenarios):
City Mixed Commute
Daily Commute (miles) 20 60 120
Home Charging £0.60 £1.20 N/A
Work Charging N/A £0.00 £2.00
Supercharger N/A N/A £0.00
Total Daily Cost £0.60 £1.20 £2.00

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How to charge a Tesla

Charging a Tesla Model S can be done anywhere with access to a reliable electrical supply. However, most electric vehicle drivers charge their Tesla at home with a dedicated charging point.

  • Home charging stations is where the majority of charging takes place, as your vehicle can be plugged in and charged overnight.
  • Public charging at supermarkets and retail parks for example are available across the UK and typically free during your stay.
  • Workplace charging points are becoming more common and are often offered as a staff incentive, however employers may choose to charge usage fees to cover the cost of electricity.
  • Free Tesla Supercharger Stations can charge your battery to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes.

Tesla Charging Station Cost

Charging a Tesla at home is usually done with a home chargepoint which costs around £500 fully installed with the government OLEV grant.

  • 3.7kW charging point typically costs around £400 installed (including OLEV grant)
  • 7kW charging point typically costs around £500 installed (including OLEV grant)
  • 11kW charging point typically costs around £1,250 installed
  • 22kW charging point typically costs around £1,500 installed

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