Smart Reporting

Understand how drivers use your chargers
with Pod Point's charging analytics platform.

Smart Reporting Manage And Track Comp

View & track

Get an overview of your chargepoint network.

Smart Reporting Set And Control

Set & control pricing

Choose the right model for your business.

Smart Reporting Report And Optimise

Report & optimise

Understand your business better with data.

kWh of energy transferred

View & track

Get an overview of your chargepoint network.

We handle setup and connection of your chargepoints.

  • Records every charge made on your network and its associated energy use & costs.
  • Group or individual access via desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Set access to public, or private to secure your chargepoints from unauthorised usage.

Set & control pricing

We'll work with you to choose the right model for your business.

Benefit from dedicated advice from charging experts.

  • Choose tariffs for specific groups and incentivise customer acquisition.
  • Predictably shorten your payback period with a fixed pricing model.
  • Set pricing by session time, kWh consumed and vary by time and day.

Report & optimise

Understand your business better with data.

Work with us to optimise usage, costs and your business' revenue.

  • Recieve data for management, reporting and planning.
  • View CO2 emissions saved as a result of charging across your network.
  • Use dashboards to visualise and compare charging activity across multiple sites.

View, track and optimise

A total overview of your network from one interface.


How do I set up Smart Reporting?

After your chargepoints are installed, (with appropriate connectivity) Pod Point will set up and configure Smart Reporting, including creating accounts for individuals and sites, setting tariffs and customising dashboards.

Do I need additional equipment or software to use Smart Reporting?

No, Smart Reporting is a web portal and can be easily accessed via web browser on your computer, tablet or phone. It is however mandatory for our units to have

Will I need training to use the platform?

Smart Reporting is intuitive and easy to use, so you won't need any specific training. However, our team will be more than happy to help with any questions.

How flexible are your pricing options? e.g. will I be able to set a fee per kWh or based on time?

Your pricing model can be as simple or complex as you wish. For example, you can set the first hour of charging free, then £2/hour for the next 4 hours, then £5/hour thereafter to encourage your drivers to vacate the parking space. Alternatively, you can set pricing based on usage (e.g. 10p per kWh used).

How secure is our company's and our customers' data?

Pod Point take data security very seriously.

  • Data is transferred exclusively over https, using TLS 1.2.
  • Our systems are all housed at Amazon Web Services. AWS have comprehensive levels of security, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC 1-3, ISO 9001 and DoD SRG.
  • We undergo regular audits of our data security systems.