Velocity+ Charger

Velocity+ Charger

Add up to 160 miles range in 30 mins
with 75kW DC Velocity+ Chargers.


Power at speed

Add up to 160 miles range in as little as 30 minutes.


Durable and resilient

A superior uptime so drivers can always charge.

Circle Charging

Flexible options

Custom branding and multiple payment options.

Power at speed

High power for growing EV adoption.

Service the growing EV market with the most advanced charging solution.

  • 75kW DC charging Velocity+ Chargers customised for your business needs.
  • Our Site Management Service monitors, manages and reports every charge, 24/7.
  • App and contactless to make it easy for drivers to start charging.
  • Back-end software compliant with smart grid energy systems.

Durable & resilient

Lifelong performance from hardware you can rely on.

Own a dependable rapid network fit for the future.

  • Remote uptime monitoring ensures your customers can rely on receiving a charge.
  • Liquid-cooling technology lowers operating temperature to extend life.
  • IP65-rated closure protects from external elements, removing the need for air filters and reducing servicing overheads.
  • Covered by a 3-year warranty with remote and onsite maintenance.

Flexible options

Build rapid charging into your customer journey

Our specialists will help create a solution that aligns with your business objectives.

  • Customise the Velocity+ chargers to fit your branding.
  • We’ll help and advise on the most suitable charging speed for your business.
  • Over-the-Air software updates ensure you have the latest feature set for your chargers.

Interested in installing a Velocity+ Charger?

Our specialist team are on hand to help.


Is Velocity+ rapid charging right for my business?

As more EVs with bigger batteries and faster-charging capabilities become available, access to rapid chargers will be vital to meet the needs of drivers undertaking longer journeys. We therefore believe Velocity+ chargers are best suited to en-route highway charging and shorter stay (20-80 mins) destinations.

How fast will an electric vehicle charge with the Velocity+ Charger?

We offer Rapid and High-powered rapid chargers that deliver 50kW, 75kW, however, each car has its own maximum charge speed - e.g. plug a BMW i3 into a 350kW CCS unit and it will charge at a maximum of 50kW.

Each car charges in a slightly different time, but as a rule of thumb expect a 20-80% charge in approximately 30 minutes when a car's max charge rate is the same as the Velocity+ Charger's maximum.

How many cars can charge at the same time and what connectors are available?

Pod Point supplies Velocity+ rapid chargers that can charge two cars simultaneously by either CCS or CHAdeMO charging connector.

The VM75+ can charge one vehicle at 75kW, and if two are connected the first car will receive 50kW and the second 25kW,
until the car no longer requests >25kW, and then the power ratings will switch if necessary. The VM50+ can charge a single car
up to 50kW, or two cars at 25kW each.

How much power does a Pod Point Velocity+ Charger use?

Our 50kW Velocity+ chargers need a minimum of 80A TPN supply.

If your site does not have enough power, we can arrange for more power to be brought to site either as an upgrade to existing supply or a new connection. By working with the DNO we can propose the most cost-effective, timely, and efficient solution.

Can I customise the appearance of the Velocity+ Charger?

Yes, we can work with you to design the Velocity+ to fit your brand - both the front and back can have custom wrapping.