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Celebrating the first #ElectricSchool of 2020!

Posted by Roseanne: Jan 29, 2020 2 min read

We’re delighted to announce Holy Trinity Primary Academy as the first #ElectricSchool of 2020!

Leeds is trailblazing ahead, with Abbey Multi-Academy Trust expanding their electrification and the promotion of electric vehicles with their 5th #ElectricSchool.

Principal, Darren Foulke at Holy Trinity Rothwell C of E Primary Academy said: "With climate change in the news our pupil eco council are always looking at ways in which we can save energy and build a sustainable future. The Pod Point chargepoint shows our pupils that as a school we care about our world and we are keen to promote electric transport to staff and visitors. We would like to thank Pod Point for the installation of our chargepoint and for showing our pupils that they can bring about real change."

Why the focus on Leeds?

Leeds is one of the worst cities in the world for transport pollution according to the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). In addition, the Cities Outlook 2020 Report, produced by Centre for Cities, & the British Heart Foundation have presented some alarming figures related to air pollution:

  • One in every 22 deaths among adults in Leeds is linked to high levels of the deadly toxin PM2.5, with an estimated 300 deaths per year associated with high levels of air pollution. *
  • 2,000 people are likely to die in Leeds over the next decade from heart and circulatory diseases which are exacerbated by air pollution. **

Electric Schools Recap

We launched our #ElectricSchools campaign because electric cars have a significant role to play in improving air quality in the UK, which has been described as a public health emergency. Air pollution contributes to 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK, and disproportionately affects younger children as pollutants concentrate nearer to the ground.*

What we’re doing?

  1. Installing free chargepoints at primary schools in areas with high levels of air pollution to spark conversation around the topic and encourage teachers and communities to transition to zero-emission transport.
  2. Offering a free KS2 toolkit, packed with activities and resources for teachers and parents about air pollution & EVs.
  3. Delivering speaker sessions to schools on EVs, sustainability and electrification.

Take a look at our Electric Schools & speaker slots below.

Spread the word and find out how to get your local primary school involved below!

#ElectricSchools | Learn more

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