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WCS grant top-up offer

Posted by Roseanne: Apr 20, 2020 4 min read

For a limited time, we're topping up the OLEV WCS grant enabling UK businesses to save up to £22,000 on workplace or fleet charging points.

Please note: This offer expires on 14th July, 2020.

To help businesses in their transition to an electric future we are topping up the OLEV WCS grant.

When combined with the OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant, this new offer gives businesses the ability to reduce the cost of their Workplace or Fleet charging points by up to £550 per socket (up to 40 sockets).


As of April 2020, the Benefit-in-Kind tax rate for full battery electric vehicles was reduced to 0% for tax year 2020-21, translating to significant cost savings for company car drivers who choose a pure electric vehicle.

Pre-coronavirus, this was expected to drive a significant increase in demand for company car EVs as well as the charging infrastructure needed to support them.

It’s our belief that once the coronavirus situation stabilises, we’ll still see this happen. Businesses can plan ahead and start making the necessary preparations to install charging points.

Pod Point’s exclusive WCS grant top-up offer

To help UK businesses during this difficult time, we’re topping up the WCS grant for eligible orders until the 14th July 2020.

This means that for a limited time, it’s possible to get more funding than has ever been possible with the WCS grant alone.

Last month, the UK government reduced the WCS grant from £500 to £350 per socket but with this offer, we’ll top-up the new grant amount, providing up to £200 extra funding per socket for Workplace and Fleet charging orders.

How much could you save?

You can save up to £22,000, whether you’re scaling up existing infrastructure or installing your very first chargers.

The WCS grant is available for up to 40 sockets, an increase from 20 prior to April 2020. This also means that businesses who have already claimed the old WCS grant for 20 sockets can apply for an additional 20 sockets.

The table below outlines potential savings based on the number of chargers you order.


Charging socket

order bands 

Amount received per socket 

Max amount available

A. Ordering 1-10

charging sockets 

£350 WCS + £100 Pod Point Top-Up 


(£450 total per socket)

B. Ordering 11-20

charging sockets 

£350 WCS + £150 Pod Point Top-Up 


(£500 total per socket)

C. Ordering 21-40

charging sockets 

£350 WCS + £200 Pod Point Top-Up 


(£550 per socket)

No matter what stage you’re at in your EV journey, we’re here to help guide you through EV infrastructure.

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What does our Workplace and Fleet Charging solution include?

We’re here to help you install scalable charging infrastructure that you can add to as EV adoption continues to rise.

  • Array Charging technology enables you to install up to 3x the amount of chargepoints on a fixed power supply.
  • Dual Authenticating chargers so your drivers have the choice of RFID or App-enabled charging.*
  • Passive Wiring enables you to add additional charge points quicker, with less disruption and at a lower cost.

*Please note: RFID-enabled charging is available at an extra cost.

Learn more about our Workplace Charging Solution and Fleet Solution.

Eligibility criteria:

Any organisation is eligible for the WCS grant top-up offer from Pod Point, providing:

  • The OLEV WCS grant is being claimed alongside the same respective Pod Point chargepoint installation.*
  • An Array Charging load balancing system is purchased alongside the same Pod Point chargepoint order. This ensures the respective site is future-proofed and power requirements are minimised.
  • The chargepoints purchased are Pod Point 7kW-rated chargepoints

Please note: The OLEV WCS grant is for employee charging only and excludes public chargepoints. *

Our WCS grant top-up offer is available from 14th April 2020 to 14th July 2020.

Learn more about our Workplace Charging Solution and Fleet Solution. Or, get in touch with the Pod Point team to find out more about the offer below.

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