The Pod Point Network lets you charge on the go. Use our app to find and charge at 1,700 locations across the UK including Lidl and Sainsbury's supermarkets.

No membership or RFID card is required to use our network.

How to Start Charging:

Open Charge Electric Car Charging Stations - Plug In and Charge

Plug in electric car cable

Open Charge Electric Car Charging Stations - 15 Minutes

Select chargepoint in app

Open Charge Electric Car Charging Stations - Disconnect

Confirm charge within 15 minutes

Benefits of the Pod Point Network

Access to over 1,700 charging bays

Electric Car Charging Points - Customers

You can search for a specific Pod Point, a postcode or a location to find the chargepoint you need.

You get 15 minutes emergency charge


In a rush? Phone dead? We have you covered. We allow 15 minutes emergency charge without a mobile phone to confirm the charge.

Accessible to everyone


With no membership required, our charging stations are reliable, easy to use and accessible to everyone.

App features

Find your favourite locations

POD Point About

Always use the same point at your local supermarket, restaurant or hotel? Add this to your ‘Favourites’ list to save you time.

View your charge activity

Customer Vehicle Charging Mis

An activity feed lets you monitor your electricity usage as well as the date and time of every charge.

Get directions to chargepoints

Built Environment Charging Stations

You can get instant Sat-Nav directions from your location to a selected chargepoint, hassle free.