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A Christmas list for non-charging PHEV-ers

Posted November 30, 2018 by Erika

A 2018 Christmas list for non-charging PHEV-ers

Rumour has it that some PHEV drivers just aren’t plugging in. Money to burn, they must have...

Based on the average UK daily mileage of 25 miles, and the difference in costs between driving a car on fossil fuels and one that’s powered by electricity (EVs are approximately 10p cheaper per mile to run than an equivalent ICE*), that’s £2.50 that PHEV drivers are throwing away. Every, single day. And then there are the environmental benefits of charging. Cleaner air. Helping the planet. Really, what’s not to like?

With the festive season coming up, and presents at the forefront of everyone’s minds, here’s our list of what non-charging PHEV drivers could have had for Christmas this year, if only they’d plugged in. Inspired by 90’s game show prizes, each of the below goodies could have been paid for using the savings from fuel costs alone.

So, whether you’re guilty of the above offences, or if there’s a non-charging PHEV driver in your life, save this list as a festive reminder of why drivers should always, always charge their cars (or vans).

What you could have had for Christmas, if only you’d plugged in for...

1 day = 25 miles
Chocolate Christmas Selection Box (£2.50)

We know they’re meant for kids but they’re just as tasty for adults. Give us a Twirl.

2 weeks = 350 miles
Ceramic Fondue set (£35)

The weather is turning cold, the nights are drawing in. Who hasn’t turned to their partner, housemate or friend recently, and said: I’d kill for a cheese fondue. Could have been yours pal, could have been yours.

One month = 750 miles
Giants Live: Britain's Strongest Man 2019 x 2 tickets (£75)

Of course, life is as much about experiences as the acquisition of pointless things. If fondue sets don’t fill your heart with desire, consider this: plugging in for just a couple more weeks would have saved you enough cash for a ticket to the Britain’s Strongest Man competition, where lucky spectators will see history being made. You’ll just have to watch this Christmas cracker on the small screen.

Three months = 2,250 miles
Spice World 2019 VIP ticket (£225)

Continuing on the experiences theme, it’s the reunion that everyone’s talking about. Three months charging would have spiced up your life with a Gold Package trip down memory lane. A VIP package deal comprises not only access to the show, but a 90s themed pre and post-event disco, a badge and a buffet. Will Posh join the girls on stage? No heads up for you, that’s for sure.

Four months = 3,000 miles
Pod Point homecharger (£299)

Clearly the best prize on this list, this is the gift that keeps on giving...electricity to your car. A 3.7kW Pod Point home chargepoint would be paid for in full in under four months worth of plugging in, leaving you free to enjoy further savings as cash in your pocket. Assumes eligibility for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Six months = 4,500 miles
Fridge freezer (£450)

What 90s game show prizelist was complete without some kind of random white goods? A brand new fridge freezer could have been yours for a mere 6 months of charging. Frost free as well.

Nine months = 6,750 miles
Treadmill (£675)

The opportunity to set up your own home gym. Wasted. Probably could have hooked it up to your solar panels as well. You’ll just have to venture outside for your exercise. Isn’t that a shame.

One year = 9,000 miles
Bullseye style caravan (£900)

Look what you could have bought. True, it may have looked the type you were told to stay away from as a child but (speedboats aside) it was the top prize on our favourite darts-themed TV show. And if you’d only plugged in, you wouldn’t need to go on a game show to get your hands on it.

With all that said…

With every New Year comes the chance to turn over a new leaf. So for the sake of all of our lungs, and the planet: if you make just one New Year's’ resolution for 2019, let it be to always, always charge your PHEV. All right, my loves?

*Subject to electricity rates and petrol or diesel prices