The royal seal of approval for electric cars

Posted June 26, 2017 by Leighanne

Last week, the Queen’s speech focused on 3 main bills designed to funnel investment into transport infrastructure.

These three bills included:

  • The expansion of the space sector by y launching Satellites from the UK.
  • The next stage of the HS2 high speed rail network.
  • Switching to cheaper and cleaner transport such as electric cars.

So, what did the Queen’s speech cover on the bill for cleaner and greener transport?

The Queen announced that an Electric Vehicles Bill will be introduced to encourage the use of electric and self-driving cars.

Included in the bill are proposals to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points at motorway service areas.

The purpose of the bill is to: “Allow innovation to flourish and ensure the next wave of self-driving (automated) technology is invented, designed and operated safely in the UK.”

“Ensure we retain our position as a global leader in the market for electric vehicles by improving our national charging and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure”

The new law also aims to support British manufacturing and innovation by allowing self-driving cars to operate in the country and will also make it compulsory for self-driving cars to have vehicle insurance. Nissan has successfully done this earlier this year when they tested their electric self-driving car on public roads in London.

This is great news as this gives EV drivers the assurance that more public charging infrastructure is on the way. After all, it has the royal seal of approval.

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