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4 Ways Your Business Can Get Involved in Earth Day

Posted April 21, 2017 by Leighanne

With Earth day fast approaching on the 22nd April, now is the perfect opportunity for your company to get involved in sustainable, environmentally friendly efforts.

Earth Day is an event designed to create environmental awareness. Many businesses leverage press coverage around Earth Day to launch sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Here are 4 ways to reduce your carbon footprint and build sustainability into your business operations.

4 Ways Your Business Can Get Involved in Earth Day

  1. Host-on site events - your company can host on-site events to help educate people on environmentally friendly solutions such as recycling and alternative energy sources.

  2. Go paperless - encourage your employees to use cloud based storage software such as DropBox (2GB free) or Google Drive (free) instead of printing documents.

  3. Enable your employees and customers to drive electric vehicles - getting EV charging points can be a great incentive to retain staff and also help attract more customers to your business. Organisations such as Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Crown Estate offer this solution to attract EV drivers to their locations in the UK.

  4. Purchase energy efficient equipment - you can do this by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. You could even use laptops instead of desktops as they are more energy efficient.

Don’t let it stop there.

At POD Point we believe every day should be Earth Day, that is why we are building infrastructure that enables people to drive electric vehicles. We think that by encouraging people to utilise EVs the impact that travel has on our planet globally and locally would be significantly reduced.

If you would like to see what other businesses are doing for Earth Day have a look at, they have a list of events available here.