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POD Point MIS: Calculating Energy Cost for an EV Driver

Posted February 11, 2016 by Daniel

How to calculate the cost of energy provided to an individual EV driver on the POD Point MIS.

The POD Point MIS is the industry's most advanced platform for managing and tracking your business' electric car charging infrastructure.

You can use the MIS to calculate the cost of providing EV charging (your energy spend) to an individual driver on your network in a specified period. For employees that drive company cars, you can easily calculate the cost of energy provided to them on the MIS.

How to use the energy cost calculator:

  • When logged in, click on the 'Individual Access' tab in the left-hand menu.
  • Click on the name of the EV driver you wish to calculate energy spend for (Graham Fox in this example).
  • On the cost calculator, select the time period for the energy provided.
  • The cost of supplying that energy will display immediately.

This feature can be used to calculate the amount of benefit in kind (BIK) provided to an EV driver in your business. Click here for further information on tax implications of electric vehicles.